Air Handling Unit Repair

Climatair are ventilation and extraction experts serving Leeds, York, Harrogate and the whole of Yorkshire. We design, supply, install and maintain extraction systems and are available for call outs regarding repairs to existing air handling units.

Climatair carry out internal inspections of the ductwork and ventilation systems in your property. This can be carried out on an occasional basis or it can be factored into regular intervals. The company can also carry out intensive cleaning jobs of the ventilation ducts on your premises. This will provide safety for your staff members but it will also ensure that the job is being carried out properly.

Similarly, if you have extractor fans or other ventilation units in the office or kitchen, it is important that these are tested on a regular basis. Regular testing ensures that the fume extraction system remain in good condition and it helps to ensure that any risk of breakdown is minimised. Let's start our long term relationship by supplying a fixed price air handling unit repair.