About Climatair

Yorkshire's premier provider of heat recovery, duct services and installation, ventilation, extract systems, dehumidification and air handling units. Offering duct installation services in Leeds, York and Yorkshire, Climatair are the number one choice.

As of April 2006, new buildings have to be much more air-tight than before. This is good for the insulation of the building but we need a certain level of air circulation in order to keep the air fresh. Controlled ventilation is therefore very important. Good ventilation is essential for any working environment Good ventilation – It is an essential cornerstone to providing employees with a healthy work environment; it also helps to protect a building against damp and condensation.

There are a range of extraction and ventilation products that can provide a building with fresh air whilst retaining the heat. Older buildings often need to reduce the amount of ventilation due to the high levels of heat waste that is lost through draughts. 

Climatair UK provides extract systems, ventilation and duct services from complete turnkey packages; through design, supply, installation and maintenance,  to supply only systems. 

Ventilation is essential in the workplace and retails industry providing a constant supply of fresh air with benefits that include:

Dilution/Removal of fumes, odours, smoke etc.
Reduce the risk of airborne infection
Removal of carbon dioxide and water vapour (products of respiration)
Providing adequate air movement for a comfortable environment one which is refreshing but not draughty
Removal of excess heat
Specialist in kitchen and restaurant systems

We can provide a ventilation and extract solution to for all your buildings requirements. 

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