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How does it work?

Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR, HRV) works by recovering heat from extract air that would normally be expelled to the atmosphere and transferring this heat to fresh air being drawn into the property via a heat exchanger, which the system then distributes throughout.

The system brings ducting to each habitable room and each wet room within the property. Each wet room is fitted with an extract valve, and each habitable room with a supply. The system continually extracts from the wet rooms, boosting if necessary, removing the pollutant air quickly and effectively at its source. This air then passes up through the system of ducting and travels through a heat exchanger where its heat passes to the fresh filtered air which is being brought into the property at the same time. Industrial Fans and dehumidification units working together.

The pollutant extract air leaving the property never comes into direct contact with the fresh air being brought in. In an air-to-air heat exchanger, the incoming and outgoing airflows are separated by a solid barrier. Providing that there is a difference in temperature between the two airflows, heat from the warmer airflow will be transferred through the barrier to the cooler airflow. The heat from the warm, pollutant air leaving the building is transferred to the cool, fresh, filtered air entering the building. 


Energy Saving  |  Recovering the heat from your extract air instead of simply sending it to atmosphere can lead to significant energy savings by reducing the cost of your heating bill. With Heat Recovery Ventilation the fresh, filtered air entering your habitable rooms is on average only 1.5 Degrees Celsius cooler than that of the extract air leaving your home, as opposed to bringing fresh air into your home at outside temperatures via standard methods of ventilation such as Window Vents.

Whole House Ventilation  |  A Heat Recovery Ventilation system continually extracts pollutants at their source and supplies fresh, filtered, warm air to your habitable rooms. This continual cycle of fresh air movement reduces the relative humidity in the home and eliminates problems associated with poor air quality such as condensation and mould growth. It also offers the end user fully controllable, comfort ventilation that can be set to suit their lifestyle.

Fresh Filtered Air  |  Prior to the fresh air entering your habitable rooms it passes through G3/4 filters, this filter media has a micron rating that is capable of extracting particles such as pollen and other airborne pollutants from the air. This helps to provide a much more conducive environment for allergy sufferers and asthmatics alike.

Gain SAP Points  |  Brookvent aircycle Heat Recovery Systems are SAP Approved and are successful in reducing your CO2 Dwelling Emission Rate (DER). Specifiers/ Low Carbon Consultants/ Architects can gain SAP points for your dwelling by using our products specific performance information instead of standard default information provided in the SAP register.

Quiet Solution  |  Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are extremely quiet when running, these systems are usually loft mounted or mounted at high level in a storage cupboard. They replace the need for individual extractor fans which can be noisy in operation within each wet room and also replace the need for Window Vents which may allow noise from outside to infiltrate the home.

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